Trauma Counselling

I have now retired but will continue to keep this web site live for  year as a resource in case it is helpful to people. 

Many people try to put out of their minds any traumatic events that they may have endured. You may have experienced situations which felt overwhelming, or frightening, or even completely out of your control.

Counselling can be very helpful in these situation so you can process the event with me in a safe and confidential environment. If you continue to ignore or avoid it, then very often this can lead to deeper problems or issues coming to the surface later on in your life.

The kinds of traumatic events that can benefit from counselling and psychotherapy include accidents, rape, bereavement, fire, personal injury, assault, adult or childhood sexual or emotional abuse, burglary, mugging and events endured during active service in the Armed Forces, Police or Rescue Services.

PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) often responds very well to both Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and to other techniques which can help manage the anxiety that may be associated with the event and together we can develop coping strategies to deal with any resurfacing of the event in the future.



Updated 5/6/19