Quit Smoking

Have you been thinking about stopping? When do you plan to do it: this week, today, next week, next month, next year? Or do you think its going to happen on its own one day?

This is a good time, now this can be the start of a whole new healthy you.

My approach to stopping smoking is intensive and will help you to choose to be a non-smoker; this new knowledge will stay with you for years to come.

You can feel very different about smoking after your two hour session and this is the key to lasting success.

This approach is extremely effective and very thorough. It is as though for years you have fooled yourself into believing that smoking was helping you in some way, so you’ve carried on – well why wouldn’t you if you have convinced yourself that it was beneficial to you? The perceived fear of loss and of stopping ensures that you continue to smoke despite all the major health risks & its high cost.

Quitting can be easy and painless when you know how!


This fee is £180- and it will soon be recovered!

Success Rate

People often want to know what the success rate is- but because I rarely see people return, I can’t necessarily claim that this is a success, however, the General Hypnotherapy Register have agreed the following statement with the Advertising Standards Authority, based upon a large number of studies which met required research criteria:

“Research comparing many different studies of hypnotherapy has shown that on average smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone. Hypnotherapy in general is also proven to be more than twice as effective compared with nicotine gum.”

( Viswesvaran C, Schmidt FL (1992): A meta-analytic comparison of the effectiveness of smoking cessation methods. J Appl Psychol. 1992 Aug;77(4):554-61)

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updated 27/3/18