Self Confidence

I have now retired but will continue to keep this web site live for  year as a resource in case it is helpful to people. 

A major goal of hypnosis & counselling is to improve both your self-esteem and your self confidence. If you truly believe in your own abilities, and feel comfortable with who you truly are, you will find it much easier to persuade other people of them. Feeling good about yourself will have an enormous impact in all areas of your life, from improving your relationships with colleagues,  family & friends, to helping to persuade clients to buy products, increase your chances of climbing the career ladder and even helping you to have a successful love life.

It will certainly help with assertiveness – if you believe in yourself and you increase your self confidence you feel far more capable of standing up for your rights even in confrontational situations. A bully will only prey on someone they feel is vulnerable, so when your self belief is increased, bullies at work or in the home don’t even try to abuse you emotionally.


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Updated 5/6/19