There are lots of different negative habits which we can fall into as an automatic activity,  like nail biting or hair pulling,

If you bite your nails, pull your own hair (trichotillomania) or suffer with any other habits then you certainly may benefit from hypnotherapy.
These behaviours are carried out unconsciously so you aren’t even aware you are doing them most of the time. They are usually caused by some level of inner anxiety and it may be necessary to resolve this before the habits disappear.

These anxieties may stem from current problems or earlier experiences in your life. Whatever the cause, this can be identified and hypnotherapy can be used to enable you to change the unconscious behaviours that you are ready to let go of.

If you feel now is the time to make a change and would like to discuss your needs further or arrange a first appointment please do call me on 01793 539991 or e-mail me.

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Updated 27/3/18