I have now retired but will continue to keep this web site live for  year as a resource in case it is helpful to people. 

It has recently become more evident that many people have suffered the devastation of abuse in their past or even in their present circumstances. It is becoming more widely accepted that this is an enormous issue. People are now talking about it far more openly which is a good thing. Over the last 10 years due to the financial climate, it has become even more difficult in many areas to withstand very poor management techniques and lack of management training which often create bullying environments, mistaken for good leadership.

If you have experienced either mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse you may be finding it too hard to tell your normal circle of friends and family for many reasons. You may not want to acknowledge or share the feelings you may be experiencing that usually go side by side with these terrible events. The feelings can include shame, anger, fear and even guilt. Even though these feelings are not warranted- they are still often there. And unless we share them with someone, they can be a very heavy burden and can affect future relationships profoundly.

Counselling and psychotherapy gives you a safe, supportive and confidential place to share these feelings.

You will not be judged!

I will help you to understand the level of intensity of these feelings and deal with them as you go through these painful memories. We can also work out ways to ensure that you are in a position to be able to cope with future relationships on your terms and in a healthy and balanced way.

It may be that for a while feelings which have been repressed are allowed to be recognised which may feel as though it is a very difficult path,. This can sometimes make you feel worse before you feel better. But you will be supported and together the aim will be for you to get to a stage where you feel more empowered so that you can deal with any future events and relationships both personal and professional, without the burden of the abuse weighing you down.

Abusive relationships either within the workplace or in the home are often the by-product of past abuse and alongside this are often feelings of worthlessness, fear, shame and inability to trust.



Updated 5/6/19